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1. Scope of the general terms and conditions

These general terms and conditions apply exclusively to legal transactions between Jaffna Business Movement GmbH and the customer in the context of placing orders via the online service.


2. Business activity

Jaffna Business Movement GmbH runs an online ordering service for food and drinks. The order of the internet user reaches Jaffna Business Movement GmbH by email. For the purpose of delivery by our delivery service, the address and telephone number as well as the order are recorded.


3. Content of the online ordering service

We strive to offer the full range of food and beverages for online orders, but reserve the right to make changes which we will communicate accordingly.


4. Availability

Although we strive according to the state of the art to offer the highest possible availability of the service, it is not possible for us to guarantee this availability at certain times.

5. Customer due diligence

The customer undertakes to provide truthful, exact, current and complete information about himself on the order form. Jaffna Business Movement GmbH excludes any liability for loss and damage resulting from the non-fulfillment of these obligations. We reserve the right to check this information by calling back or taking similar appropriate measures and, if our terms and conditions are disregarded, to exclude individual persons from the online ordering service.

6. Privacy

See here: data protection

7. Warranty, liability

The customer expressly agrees that the use of the service provided by Jaffna Business Movement GmbH is at his own risk. Jaffna Business Movement GmbH is not liable in the event of force majeure, in particular in the event of failure of telephone lines or internet lines, industrial action, official measures, unforeseeable failure of means of transport or energy or other unavoidable events. This also applies if the above events occur with a vicarious agent of Jaffna Business Movement GmbH.

8. Change of offer

Jaffna Business Movement GmbH reserves the right to temporarily or permanently change, interrupt or discontinue the services offered with or without notification to the customer. Jaffna Business Movement GmbH is not liable to the customer for changes, interruptions or discontinuation of the service.

9. Applicable law, place of jurisdiction

Swiss law applies to all legal transactions. In commercial legal transactions, the place of jurisdiction is agreed to be Jaffna Business Movement GmbH.

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